Selecting the Right Cut of Meat for BBQ

A lot of people are intimidated by making barbecue at home. First, they think all they have to do is throw a piece of meat on a damn grill, and it’s done. Well, sorry folks. You can’t make good barbecue unless you prepare your meat properly. And that means selecting the right cut and cooking it to the right temperature.

There are several cuts of meat which are commonly used for barbeque, including briskets, chicken thighs and breasts, and ribs.

Brisket is normally made into a pulled pork or smoked beef sandwich or chopped beef sammich. Brisket is difficult to cook because its fat content varies from point to point on the cut of meat. It must be cooked very slowly at a low temperature over indirect heat for many hours in order to tenderize the meat and melt the fat so that it may be easily sliced.

Thighs and breasts are great because they’ve got lots of cooking surface, which means that they’re quick to cook. They work best when placed over high heat on a gas or charcoal grill or thrown into a deep fryer with some oil. You can also find other cuts of chicken, including drumsticks or wings, which are great for barbeque.

Ribs are only cooked on the grill if you’re going for filet mignon (the rib portion is too small to make a good sandwich or sammich). If you’re using them for barbecue, you want to be sure that they’ve been marinated first. And the best thing about ribs is that the longer you wait to eat them, the better they taste!

If you’re making barbecue at home, try cutting up brisket into chunks and marinating it for 24 hours. Next, light your fire and cook it on indirect heat for several hours over low to medium heat. The melting of fat and tenderness of meat will be much more manageable if you cook brisket this way. After that, remove pork or chicken thighs and place them on the grill. Cook them on high heat for several minutes and then lower the temperature slightly. Cook it for a couple of minutes and then flip it over.

Thinking of cooking the entire boar? Don’t do it unless you’ve got a huge grill! Don’t try to cook it on a kerosene cooker or a small barbecue either. If you want the meat to be tasty and tender, cook it low and slow over indirect heat for several hours. You can use plenty of other cuts too, but this is a good place to start.

Barbecue is all about making the perfect cut of meat. With the right cut, and proper preparation, you can make mouthwatering dishes! Now stop reading and get to smokin’!

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