Here at Newby’s we do two things great, BBQ and live music. We partner with some of the best bands in the Triangle and bring you a recipes and techniques for BBQ that rivals any other you’ve had. We have been smoking BBQ for over 50 years and want to share those old school recipes with new friends. Thank you for the support!

Why BBQ and Music you ask, well for one, it is my two passions so what better to write about.

Secondly, if you are not from the south, or have not read much about it, you may be unfamiliar with the strong bond between BBQ and music. It is an inseparable pairing that has been in place since before the civil war. Pork was a staple of every southern family’s table and on fall through spring evenings there was time to kill. The combination of pork and music was born in this time period.

There are many legends and theories that attempt to explain the links between music and BBQ. Some say it was to remind them of home while others say it’s just an old tradition that still stands today. There are however a few facts worth mentioning.

We appreciate you stoppin’ by and hope you enjoy some of our secrets to great BBQ and fine taste in music.

The Newby’s Barbecue Crew